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The Music of AJ

The musical liturgy of AJ is one of its most compelling qualities. Unique in many ways, traditional in others, there’s no doubt that AJ members regard it as an integral part of what defines us as a congregation. Lifelong members who grew up at AJ have often known little else; to more recent members, it may have required some “getting used to,” but eventually becomes adopted as one’s own. Part of what makes our musical liturgy special is its rich history, and much of that is the product of the innovation and creativity of our Cantor Emeritus, Charles Davidson. During his current tenure, Hazzan Howard Glantz has sought to preserve its rich historical tradition while adding his own innovations — all meant to maintain our musical liturgy as living and vital.

In March, 2021, the Adult Education Committee presented a 4-session series of classes called "The Music of AJ," developed by Hazzan Glantz. The first two sessions explored the history of our musical liturgy, and featured a most special guest, our own Cantor Davidson z"l. Videos of the first two class sessions are posted below, along with an interview that congregant David Seltzer conducted with Cantor Davidson in 2004. (The latter two weeks feature a lead-up to Passover, in song, and are posted under Pray/Video Resources.)

Cantor Davidson interviewed by David Seltzer, June 17, 2004

Video of Session #1

Video of Session #2

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