Every dollar donated to AJ goes towards strengthening our community and is tremendously appreciated. Whether you are honoring a friend or loved one, celebrating a simcha or expressing thanks, we have many funds for you to choose from to support AJ.

For all funds, you may pay online, by mail, or in person. If instead, you would like your donation added to your synagogue bill, there is a $20 minimum donation. To add your donation to your synagogue bill, call the office at 215.635.6611, or click here to send an email to the AJ office.

Please note: you must use a separate form for each donation you wish to make, and they will need to be paid for separately.

For the funds below, there is a $10 minimum donation, except where noted. Click here to donate to one of these funds.

Memorial Fund 
Donations to the Memorial Fund in memory of a loved one provide funding for the enhancement of AJ in a variety of ways.
Joy Fund 
Donations to the Joy Fund can be made for a variety of reasons: in honor of a bar/bat mitzvah, wedding, engagement, anniversary, refuah shelaimah et well soon), courtesies extended and more. Like the Memorial Fund, these dollars help support a variety of activities at AJ.

Education Fund
Donations to the Education Fund help support many of our engaging adult and youth educational programs.

Hazzan’s Discretionary Fund 
Donations to the Hazzan’s Discretionary Fund are used towards programs, needs or projects as determined by AJ’s hazzan.

Morning Minyan Breakfast Fund 
Donations to the Morning Minyan Breakfast Fund go towards providing a breakfast for everyone who attends morning minyan.

Volunteer Choir Fund 
Donations to the Volunteers Chorus Fund help with our musical programming and performances.

Seder Avodah Fund  

Seder Avodah is AJ’s unique prayer book. You can dedicate a prayer book in honor/memory with a book plate in the prayer book. For this fund, there is a $36 minimum donationClick here to donate to the Seder Avodah Fund.

Humash Etz Chaim Fund  
This is the humash used at AJ. You can dedicate this in honor/memory with a book plate in the humash. For this fund, there is a $72 minimum donation
Click here to donate to the Humash Etz Chaim Fund.

Rabbi's Discretionary Fund  
Donations to the Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund are used towards programs, needs or projects as determined by AJ’s rabbi. For this fund, there is a $25 minimum donation
Click here to donate to Rabbi's Discretionary Fund.

.The Funds of the Congregation’s Torah

Donations to the Congregation’s Torah are a unique opportunity to help fund AJ’s Endowment to ensure the future of the Congregation while celebrating a special occasion or remembering a loved one. Each donation is added to the commemorative documents in the Congregation’s Torah display case outside of the Strauss Chapel. All donations that have been made in past years related to the week’s Torah portion (Parashat Hashavua) are reprinted on the center panel of the inside of the pew pamphlet. To donate to the congregation's Torah, please call the synagogue office at 215.635.6611.
Pasuk (a verse of Torah)...............$150
Aliyah (each section of a weekly portion)...............$250
Patriarchs, Matriarchs, Biblical Symbols, Names...............$500
Maftir (final aliyah each week)...............$1,000
Parasha (weekly reading)...............$2,500
Favorite Torah Story...............$3,600