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AJ "Love Your Neighbor" Magnet 
These 3"x5" magnets are $5 each or 3 for $10. The proceeds support AJ Acts. Click here to order.


Rav Shai's Book: Coherent Judaism
Each book is $26.17 from Amazon. If you'd like your book signed, please call the office to arrange to drop off your book for Rav Shai to sign! Click here to order.

Burning Bush Hot Sauce 
Cofounded by AJ's own Neil Wernick, Burning Bush sauces delight foodies and heat-seekers alike with an elusive balance of heat and flavor that evokes the ancient spice trading routes and colorful, open-air markets of the Old World. Buy on Amazon here.


Rav Shai's Introduction to Judaism Course (DVD)
This "Great Courses" course includes 24 lectures from Rav Shai in which he explores the rich religious heritage of Judaism from biblical times to today. You can order "Introduction to Judaism" (Course #6423) in DVD format for $20 (new lower price!) with the audio streaming free of charge directly from Rav Shai. Call the synagogue office at 215.635.6611 or send an email to Limited quantity available.

Kenneth Seeskin's Book: No Other Gods: The Modern Struggle Against Idolatry 
Idolatry is not just the worship of idols and clay figures. While the nature of the temptation has changed over the years, idolatry is as much a threat today as it was in our ancestors' time. Today, we face the lures of a material society. For many of us, our careers expand at the expense of our personal lives. Seeskin looks at turning points in Jewish history to demonstrate how Judaism can respond to the modern threat of idolatry. The example of our forebears can help us confront today's temptations—and preserve the holiness in our lives. Click here to purchase a copy of the book for $18. Limited quantity available.

Noam Zion's Book: Sanctified Sex: The Two-Thousand Year Jewish Debate on Marital Intimacy
Sanctified Sex, by author Noam Zion, draws on two thousand years of rabbinic debates addressing competing aspirations for loving intimacy, passionate sexual union, and sanctity in marriage. What can Judaism contribute to our struggles to nurture love relationships? What halakhic precedents are relevant, and how are rulings changing? Click here to purchase a copy of the book for $18. Limited quantity available.

Rav Shai's Book: Torah Through Time
Torah Through Time focuses on specific narrative sections of the Torah. Cherry closely examines several different commentaries for each of these source texts, and in so doing he analyzes how each commentator resolves questions raised by the texts and asks if and how the commentator’s own historical frame of reference—his own time and place—contributes to the resolution. Now just $20 when ordered from AJ. Call the synagogue office at 215.635.6611 or send an email to Limited quantity available.

Michael Strassfeld's Book: The Jewish Holidays
A comprehensive guide to the practice and meaning of Jewish holidays. Includes readings and inspirational commentary. Click here to purchase a copy of the book for $18. Limited quantity available.

Armour and Animals 
Did you ever wonder where people got the idea of wearing armor? Or, did you ever look at an armadillo and see it was wearing armor just like the knights of old?  Now you can see and compare all kinds of armor. This is a great way to learn how both people and animals use their armor. All the human armor comes from the Philadelphia Museum of Art's Arms & Armor collection. The animals are wearing their own. Click here to order.

Jennifer Friedman Designs 
One-of-a-kind designer jewelry creations made with gemstones, pearls, coins, diamond, fibers, and amazing vintage finds! Check out her Instagram here.


Arielle Margot
Handmade macrame art and accessories crafted in Germantown, PA. Click here to see her website.

Bee Happy Honey (Nick Lodise)
Fresh honey made right here in Elkins Park! Thanks to the bees they provide honey, candles, salves, and soaps. They also have starter kits for those wishing to get started keeping bees and all the supplies one will need to manage their hive. Click here for his Facebook page.

Yad Lakashish
Yad Lakashish is a Jerusalem nonprofit empowering low income elderly through meaningful work opportunities, essential social and financial benefits as well as promoting positive attitudes towards seniors through inter-generational connections. AJ's own Violet Zeitlin has Judaica items for sale from Yad Lakashish. Call or email her to purchase at or (215) 635-1587. 


AJ Renew/Reconnect/Rejoice Yard Sign
Share your love of AJ with our newest lawn sign! The New Members committee is asking for your help (lawn space) to spread the word about AJ’s renewed energy and welcoming and growing community. Only 50 signs were ordered, so don't be left out! Stop by AJ to pick one up: Monday through Thursday from 9:30 AM to 4:30 PM, or Friday from 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM. They're free!

Moka Origins 
The coffee from our Preschool coffee cart comes from Moka Origins, and they do bean-to-bar chocolate too! Their mission is to empower farmers and restore the environment. They do this by ethically sourcing coffee and cacao, creating jobs on their farm in Cameroon, and planting a tree for every product sold. Whether grown at their farm or ethically sourced from their partners around the world, their beans generate real social change. Their website is

Philly's Best Tutor 
AJ Congregant Jill Max is a special education teacher offering individualized instruction to all ages, on various subjects, in-person and remote. She prides herself on the ability to motivate and inspire her students to set goals and reach higher. By partnering with a student’s school and family, together they help develop a confident, independent, and lifelong learner." You can see more at her website: or call her at 215.284.4004.

Sat, May 25 2024 17 Iyyar 5784