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Rabbi Rosenbloom's Selected Audio

Rabbi Rosenbloom provided us a rich archive of sermons. Below are selected sermons from Shabbat mornings and the High Holy Days.

To listen to Rabbi Rosenbloom’s sermons, click on the links below. The files are in .mp3 format and should play automatically if the appropriate software is installed on your computer. They can also be downloaded to any .mp3 player such as an iPod by clicking the download link and saving the file to your computer.

September 14, 2013 Yom Kippur: The Problem Is God!      
September 13, 2013 Kol Nidre: The Hope of Two Thousand Years, The Privilege of Our Era         
September 6, 2013Rosh Hashanah, Day II: Our Day "To Be" Jewish          
September 5, 2013Rosh Hashanah, Day I: The Accidental Rabbi   
September 5, 2013Erev Rosh Hashanah: With Joy and Confidence           
March 26, 2013Passover: Do Something Great      
December 15, 2012Gun Violence in America: A Response from Rabbi Rosenbloom to the December 14 Mass Shooting in Sandy Hook, CT    
September 26, 2012Yom Kippur: Why Does the World Exist?       
September 25, 2012Kol Nidre: Our Own American-Born Sabras   
September 18, 2012Rosh Hashanah, Day II: Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah — Welcome! Finally         
September 17, 2012Rosh Hashanah, Day I: Reinventing Judaism for Revolutionary Times          
September 16, 2012Erev Rosh Hashanah: Looking into the Eyes of Another        
September 30, 2011Rosh Hashanah, Day II: Three Big Jewish Ideas         
September 29, 2011Rosh Hashanah, Day I: A Tenth Anniversary - Survival and Rebirth  
September 28, 2011Erev Rosh Hashanah   
January 15, 2011Shabbat Shira, The Sabbath of Song: A Time of Healing
September 18, 2010Yom Kippur: Lonely, Brother God, Take My Hand
September 17, 2010Kol Nidre: Why We Love Israel—Israel is Us!
September 10, 2010Rosh Hashanah, Day II: A Jewish Credo         
September 9, 2010Rosh Hashanah, Day I: A Yom Tov Hug for All Our Brothers and Sisters         
September 8, 2010Erev Rosh Hashanah: The Shofar Calls…Even in Yankee Stadium        
March 30, 2010Pesach — First Day
February 14, 2009Evolution Shabbat: "The Truth of Science and the Truth of Religion"
November 8, 2008"Faithful to our Past, Worthy of Our Future" 150th Anniversary Shabbat Morning Service of Renewal 
Kol Nidre 5769"Dreaming for the Age of Inclusion and Autonomy"           
Yom Kippur 5769"Where Have All the Prophets Gone?"    
September 13, 2007Rosh Hashanah – First Day     
September 14, 2007Rosh Hashanah – Second Day: “Angels Everywhere”            
September 21, 2007Kol Nidre: “No Other Land”    
September 22, 2007Yom Kippur: “Not Death, But Love”   
October 4, 2007Shemini Atzeret Yizkor Sermon: “The Twenty-Third Psalm – The Power of God’s Faithful Love”

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