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Adult Ed Series with Rav Shai — Anti-Judaism from the Gospel to Today

Given the resurgence of antisemitism, the Adult Education Committee has decided to offer a series of sessions offering both historical and contemporary views of the longest hatred. Rav Shai will be leading the series, but there will be guest speakers throughout the year including our Scholars-in-Residence weekend. 7:30 PM, in person and via Zoom.

Session 1: The New Testament, with Rav Shai, on October 26
Although the New Testament was written mostly by Jews and for Jews, it has been used as the most anti-Jewish piece of religious literature in history. This session explores some of the classic passages and explains their context and meanings.

Session 2: Protestant Reformation, with Rav Shai, on November 9
We tend to think of racial antisemitism as a product of 19th-century German romanticism crashing into antisemitism. Racial antisemitism actually emerged much earlier and played a significant role in the Jewish Expulsion from Spain and the Protestant Reformation just 30 years later. This presentation will feature the earliest antisemitic caricatures.

Session 3: Jews and the Third Reich, with Rav Shai, on February 22
Too often, people think of the Shoah as an event. It was a process. This session will look at the social death of the Jews in the Third Reich, from 1933 to 1941, that was a necessary prerequisite to systematic extermination.

Session 4: NEW TOPIC! 10/7's Empirical Insights: Blame, Responsibility, Conspiracy and the Future of Antisemitism
, with Prof. Ayal Feinberg. In his presentation, he will review new data underscoring changes in antisemitism following the terrorist attack of 10/7. Further, he'll explore what we know about underlying mechanisms through which 10/7-specific antisemitism has manifested—blame, responsibility, and conspiracy. He'll close with a discussion on how 10/7 is likely to permanently impact antisemitism and alter the identity of the diaspora moving forward.

Fri, March 1 2024 21 Adar I 5784