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Grandparents Group with Dr. Robert Vogel

The next Grandparents Group Program on May 9 at 7:30 via Zoom is called, “
Listening to the Power of Your Grandchildren’s Voices.” 

In many of our sessions over the years we have talked about our grandchildren’s emotional growth and ability to handle challenges. This session will not only discuss that aspect of our grandchildren’s emotional healthy growth but give us practical ways to engage with them and help them explore their world as we learn more about them.

Our presenter is our own Bob Vogel, a lifelong member of AJ. Bob has dedicated his life to the empowerment of youth through education. As a professor of 43 years Bob has spent the majority of his life in the world of education and has created a deep positive impact on many students from around the world. Bob has written a book called Wondering. it explores the feelings and emotions of children and how to help them gain resilience.

Bob will give us the opportunity to explore ways to engage our grandchildren in child-centered fun. He will also give us a deeper understanding for our grandchildren’s lives, emotional needs, and personal challenges. Through the Wonder questions, we will gain valuable tools so that our grandchildren can express themselves and better understand themselves as they seek concrete solutions to the challenges of navigating the world around them – while we as grandparents learn about our grandchildren in new ways.
Fri, April 19 2024 11 Nisan 5784