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Play: "The Last Yiddish Speaker"

03/27/2024 10:38:33 AM


Non-AJ Event

The InterAct Theatre Company in Philadelphia is presenting "The Last Yiddish Speaker" at the Drake Theater from March 29 through April 21. Here's the synopsis: In the years following a successful January 6th insurrection, a white supremacist regime has come into power. Paul and his teenage daughter, Sarah, live under the radar in a small town upstate as Christian-passing, despite being Jews who fled New York City. When an ancient Yiddish-speaking woman arrives on their doorstep, Paul and Sarah are forced to decide between fleeing again or fighting for their faith, their heritage and their identity. Tickets are $17 but from April 5 through April 7, a "pay as you can" policy is in effect. Find out more here. (One of the directors was here at AJ for the Vigil for Israel.)

Fri, April 19 2024 11 Nisan 5784