Guess Who's Coming to Shabbas

We are asking congregants to host a dinner in their home and to invite one or two other synagogue families they would like to get to know.  The next Shabbas dinners will be held on Friday, May 10The deadline for sign-ups for the May 10 event is March 8.  Click here to sign up as a guest. Click here to sign up as a host. Or send us an email for more information at (The time of Shabbas dinner will be set by the hosts.)

We provide all hosts with a Shabbas bag containing a brochure with all the Shabbat brachot, a challah, and some other goodies. In addition to a delicious and meaningful Shabbas meal, all hosts and guests will be called for an aliyah on Shabbat morning. Let us know if you can host! Or let us know if you want to be a Shabbat guest and we'll set you up with a host. We want more of us to get to know one another outside the walls of the synagogue.

This is the last Shabbas dinner date for this year.

Date and Time: 
Friday, May 10, 2019 - 6:00pm
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