Religious Service or Event

Pesah, Day VIII

The final day of Passover and Shabbat service with professional choir and organ. The morning will include a Yizkor service. 9:15 AM. (note the early start time)

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Special Minhah

Begins following kiddush luncheon, around 1:00 PM.

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Siyum Behorot (Fast of the Firstborn) and the LeCoff Siyum Breakfast

It has been a traditional practice of our people that the first-born attend services on Erev Pesah and take part in a siyum (a study period based on a Rabbinic text). This is followed by the festive LeCoff Siyum Breakfast. This service will be at 7:15 AM with the morning Shaharit service, followed by the Siyum Behorot and the LeCoff Siyum Breakfast.

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Study Session with Rabbi Saks

Between Minhah and Ma'ariv. Minhah begins at 7:00 PM. 

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